Metalworkig turning & milling

Who are we

Faiar Ltd is a company founded in 2008 with 100% private capital. We have a huge market share both in Bulgaria and around the world. Our concept for success is associated with the provision of quality services, tailored to the requirements of customers. We know that our customers are successful and dynamic companies, that want to receive their orders as quickly as possible, but also precisely executed and reasonably priced – just because we offer this range of services, our company became one of the most successful in the industry. We collaborate with leaders in almost all European countries, such as Austria, France, Netherlands and Germany. They all have the same values as ours. That is why we can enjoy collaborating with them.

We deal mainly with metalworking and construction of stable and high quality metal structures, as well as their maintenance and repair. Inspired by our satisfied customers and the success that we have achieved using our creativity and motivation, today Faiar Ltd has been involved with the production of parts, maintenance and production of mining and quarry equipment, and assembly/disassembly of large installations. Our facilities, located in the industrial park “Optikoelektron”, Town of Panagyurishte, are among the most modern and advanced in the whole country. We have an area of over 4000 square meters, allowing us to have any equipment needed to fulfill all the requirements and needs of our clients, in the most precise way possible. Our collaborators are the most qualified in the field and have all the necessary certificates of competency. That’s why we can also offer services such as staff leasing.

Our priority is the quality and the deadline for which we perform your order. We are working seriously, with quality, quickly and with creativity. We can deal with both the production of simple elements and the whole structures that perform complex functions and require serious stability.

We do everything you need – contact us today!

Metalworking, repair and recycling of heavy equipment


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